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We would like to offer you some files for download!


Perhaps you finde them helpful or informative.


In case you miss something special, you would like to be listed here - please get in contact with us.




MM-Automation - Hannover fair demonstrator 2017

[MP4 - 10MB]

Cube storage with gripper and conveyor. Sensors and actors are implemented with own SmartComponents and PLC communication. (VC)


MM-Automation - Component handling

[MP4 - 14MB]

Component to conveyor with SmartComponents. (Simulation)


MM-Automation - Component handling excercise

[WMV - 7MB]

Beer crate sorted to palette. (Simulation)


MM-Automation - Fischertechnik model plant

[MP4- 9MB]

Reproduction of an "Fischertechnik" model plant. (VC) Simulated kinematic and PLC connection


MM-Automation - Automobile manufacturing

[WMV- 34MB]

Production of an toy car. (VC) Simulated kinematic with HRC (Human Robot Collaboration)


MM-Automation - Welding cabin with 4 robots

[WMV- 9MB]

Simulation of an welding cabin (VC) Simulated kinematic and PLC connection


MM-Automation - Gearbox kinematic in RobotStudio

[MP4- 2MB]

Simulation of an combined pinion-/worm gear. Simulated kinemtic (Simulation)





MM-Automation - Leistungen Robotik (Präsentation)


Eine Präsentation unserer Dienstleistungen im Bereich der Robotik.


MM-Automation - VIBN (Präsentation)


Eine Präsentation, die hilft Ihnen die Vorteile einer Virtuellen Inbetriebnahme (VIBN) näher zu bringen.


MM-Automation - Roboter Offline-Programmierung (Checkliste)


Eine einfache Checkliste für die Roboter Offline-Programmierung.

Evtl. hilfreich um nichts Wichtiges im Projekt zu vergessen.


MM-Automation - Industrie Robotik (Flyer)


Ein Werbeflyer zu unseren Dienstleistungen im Bereich Industrie Robotik.