MM.CORE - Our core software product - overview


We offer you our know-how in form of own software / hardware products!


This is our core product of the MM-Automation software toolchain for virtual commissioning (VC). It serves as gateway between the layers of the automation-pyramid. Products from our portfolio can connect directly or indirectly with it.


Im Bildbeispiel oben ist zu erkennen, dass ihnen hierbei (fast) keine Grenzen gesetz sind, egal ob Datenbankanbindung, Cloudconnect oder einfache Push-Nachrichten aufs Smartphone bei relevanten Änderungen des Anlagenzustands.

In the picture above you can see that connecting devices or services, you face (nearly) no limits in your possibilities. Whatever you choose, database-connection, cloud-connection or push-messages on your smartphone as relevant production plant conditions change.